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Achatz Handmade Pie Company is looking for like-minded people who share our values! We are proud of offer fair and living wages for employees with room for advancement. All upper management positions are posted within before posted externally! AHPC focuses on human made rather than automation, we strive toward sustainability - sourcing our ingredients from ethical suppliers and have a strong recycling policy! We make regular donations to food banks and offer paid volunteer opportunity to our team! 


….your creativity, ability, willingness, talent, experience, honesty, education and leadership. We look forward to coming to work each day, bringing it all to the table and working on a highly functional team. We are searching for like-minded people who value Servant Leadership, who can help improve our systems, create new systems, and support change. We need those who have a passion for helping and training others, all of which works together to take us to the next level.

OPPORTUNITY TO... work in a place that smells like fresh apple pie, pumpkin pie, and berry pies! We make what Food and Wine magazine voted as one of America’s Best did Bon Appetit magazine, and Food Network, and Rachael Ray.


We value systems and procedures. We understand that having good structure for training and mentoring is respectful to our employees. Having Good Manufacturing Practices in place is respectful to our customers. We are USDA and Organic Certified, and our Bakehouse is SQF certified!


We practice Open Book Management, sharing our numbers with the team, so that everyone can participate in running the company profitably and sustainably. OBM helps to hold us accountable for the work we do and the departments we run.


We source much of our ingredients from local Michigan farms. Using all natural ingredients that are grown in a sustainable, healthy way is very important to us.


After many years in business, we have learned that transparency and honesty are vital to our growth. Managers, Team Leaders, Owners, and Team Members freely share their knowledge in order for our business to continually thrive.


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