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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I would like to thank you for ruining every other pie I try to eat henceforth because I enjoyed yours so entirely. My father made a 45 min trip to pick up a French silk pie for my sister's birthday yesterday, and I can’t stop thinking out that delectable slice. I dreamt about it last night. I wished I had a piece with coffee for breakfast today. My mouth watered when I thought about it at dinner today. Bravo, as I would choose cake over pie 10/10 times prior to yesterday. This year, I’ll be asking if our dad will make that trip again in May for MY birthday. Yummo!" -Gail F.


"I have been to the original store and the one in Beverly Hills. WOW. I last bought a chocolate cream pie-it was gone in 2 days and there are just 2 of us. The staff at both store are great. My favorite is the cherry pie." -Karen B.


"Amazing, incredible, to-die-for vegan pies. I eat vegan throughout the country and Achatz pies may literally be the best vegan pies available anywhere!" -Hillary R.


"I stopped in today and picked up a Chicken pot pie, it was the best dinner. The crust was very flaky, the chicken and vegetables were very good. The fruit pies we’ve had were all the best and now the chicken pot pie is a favorite. Thank you for putting so much love in all your pies." -Nancy P.


"Oh my gosh! I tried the four berry pie at a mock wedding event. I have been OBSESSED ever since!!! It is probably the best pie I've ever had!!! Which that is saying a lot coming from me since I'm obsessed with my apple pie recipe that has been passed down from my grandpa and I'm usually bragging on that pie. I have a new pie to brag about now!" -Teri S.


"There needs to be more than 5 stars because this place and the pastries are absolutely AMAZING. Got the Michigan 4-berry cheesecake and I literally cried at first bite. It's so wonderful and it was the best cheesecake I've ever had! Definitely a favorite and will be back for sure!" -Katy L.


"Best pies I've ever had. Love the raspberry cream, French silk, cheesecake, Apple pie and pretty much everything else. What an amazing company and wholesome product! Great touch for my wedding and the guests all loved the 3 inch pies." -Christina F.


"My mom and I just had a really outstanding, delicious dinner. We had the Lobster Pot Pue. WOW! Real lobster and lots of it. Great taste. This is perfect for having a special dinner without the fuss." -Linda K.


The peach pie is absolutely delicious. I can't say enough about this company. WONDERFUL." -Fran W.

So, what's YOUR pie story?