Our Team

"Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping Together is Progress, Working Together is Success."

David Achatz

Owner & Co-Founder

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to work for myself - mostly because no one could fire me for being late! At Achatz, I have the incredible opportunity to lead a cross-functional team that makes the best pies in the world! We spend everyday working hard to continually improve our processes and procedures to offer the highest quality product available.

My wife Wendy and I sold our restaurant in Armada, Achatz Family Restaurant, in 1990 and vowed never to get back in to the food industry. But three years later, we began making pies from our home kitchen and selling at the Armada Flea Market. Today we have six of our own locations and many wholesale accounts!

As we've grown, we have stayed true to our roots - we source local ingredients from the Mitten state, never compromise on quality, and work hard to develop each and every employee who comes through our doors.

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Wendy Achatz

Owner & Co-Founder

For almost three decades Wendy has been making pies. First, in her husbands restaurant in Armada, Michigan where she started working as a waitress. When they decided to start a pie business from their home ten years later, she was expecting her fifth child. 

Dave and Wendy grew the business much like they were 'growing' their children, on wholesome, all natural foods. 

At home Wendy keeps a few dozen free range chickens for fresh eggs and a solar passive green house that goes all winter with fresh organic greens. She has enjoyed learning about the soil biology and believes that we are only as healthy as our soil that grows our food. 

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