Thank you for considering Achatz for your fundraising needs. We take great pride in being a Michigan-based company and enjoy our ability to assist in the growth of other local organizations and to provide your group with a popular, all natural, local fundraiser. Achatz Pies are an excellent way to show your support for our great state. Our wholesome products practically sell themselves while earning your group money!

Our assortment of products range from $7.00-$26.00 with each organization keeping 35 percent!

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25 members 50 members
$100 sold each $875 $1,750
$200 sold each $1,750 $3,500
$300 sold each $2,625 $5,250
$400 sold each $3,500 $7,000
$500 sold each $4,375 $8,750


586 749 2882 (office)

Corporate Gifts

Handmade Pie Program: Our pies make a great holiday gift or “thank you” gift to employees or customers. Our handmade pies are all natural and have a 5 day use-by life. 20% off retail price, over 30 flavors to choose from! Deal requires a minimum order of $500

Gift Card Program: Achatz gift cards make a great thank you gift any time of the year and allow the recipient to choose their favorite whenever they want. Cards come in a colorful card holder with a white envelope.
$20 Gift Card for $18
$35 Gift Card for $32
$50 Gift Card for $45
$75 Gift Card for $68
$100 Gift Card for $90


586 749 2882 (office)